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The crew

The frigate crew comprises 78 people : 15 professional seamen, 56 volunteers participating in manoeuvres and 7 supernumeraries. Being a volunteer on the Hermione offers a chance to discover the maritime world and take part in a genuine human adventure


Life on board


The crew is divided in three teams, called tiers (third), which take turn of 4 hours each : it is called the quarts (watch). The tiers are called bâbord (port), tribord (starboard) and milieu (middle).

The crew has an opinion on each of these quart : the most difficult one is the quart  from tribord because it takes place from midnight to 4am., and from 12am. to 4pm. On the contrary, the easiest quart is the quart  of bâbord. And the last one, the quart from the middle, is preferred by the crew because its time allows to watch the sunrise and dawn. The role of the sailors is mainly to take care of the sails and adjust their movements to the wind in order to give power to the boat. They are also in charge of maintenance tasks on the ship.  

The crew

Presented as the hierarchic order is.  



Officers :

Yann Cariou, Captain

After spending his childhood sailing in Audierne Bay (Brittany), he joined the Marine Nationale, the French Navy. He studied at L'École des Mousses, then at L'École Navale. He sailed from Terre-Neuve to Guadeloupe and his main interest is great sailing boats. In 2010, he joined the body of experts seamen of the Association Hermione-Lafayette. He is the ideal candidate when it comes to find a captain for L'Hermione, given his past experience on the barquentine Belem. Before the Belem, he sailed on the Mutin, then was in command of L'Étoile, with which he set sails to Iceland, along La Belle Poule. He is passionate by square-sails ships, and considers crossing the Atlantic with L'Hermione as his new challenge.

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Charlène Gicquel, Second

The assistant to the captain is responsible for the security on board and the maintenance of the Frigate. The second manages the crew and the life on board. She is also the lead of the watch of the milieu.



Antoine Faure, Lieutenant in charge of the navigation

As his name suggests, his job is to trace the roads the ship will take, to do the technical checks of the navigation instruments and the updates of the nautical chart. This lieutenant is also the lead of the watch of tribord.


Anne-Laure Barberis, Lieutenant in charge of  the cannons

This lieutenant's task is to care about the supplies, the administrative formalities in the ports of call and the cannons, and is also the lead of the quart of bâbord.



Philippe Malherbe, Chief engineer

His job didn't exist back then in 1780, but it is essential today. He's in charge of the engines, the power generators, water supplies and basically all the modern equipment on board.


Bruno Gravellier, Superintendent

The superintendent manages onboard the relationships with the partners and the medias. He's the spokesman in the Hermione-Lafayette Association. He is also in charge of the goods ordering and the logistic during the calls.


The other members of the crew


Jens Langert, Boatswain

On board, the boatswain ensures the link between the officers and the seamen. Responsible for the rigging, the manoeuvres and the anchors, he has an excellent technical knowledge of the ship. Apart from the quart, the boatswain is in charg

e of all the difficult manoeuvres and looks after the rigging. Jens has arrived on this project as Chief rigger. He realised all the rigging of L'Hermione with his swedish company JB Riggers


Anne Renault, Sailmaker

On L'Hermione, the sailmaker keeps an eye on the 2000 square meters of sails. She is in charge of the maintenance and the fixing of the sails, while participating to the others tasks onboard. 


Samir Ahachoum, Carpenter 

The carpenter looks after all the wooden elements of the ship, insures their maintenance. He is also used as a spareman during the manoeuvres. 

The crew also comprises 6 professional sailors. They divide in teams of two, each team managing 18 volunteers. Their job is to help, to train and to manage the volunteers.

There are also 4 sailors from the Marine Nationale aboard.



Two of them (Jonathann Morvan and Léo Paret) are professional sailors. One, Philippe Bras, is a cook : he cooks the meals during the calls as well as at sea, and manages the commands of supplies of goods. His role is essential to maintain a good moral within the crew. The other, Loïc Forestier is a messman. His job is to insure the manage of the volunteers in the Intendance Area, to manage the goods and the meals, to cook breakfast, and to do the laundry. 


Finally, there is a mediaman on board, someone whose task is to report all the news to the staff stayed in Rochefort. 


The volunteers




The volunteers are 27 on average. They are 54 on board, and nearly a third are women. Crew volunteers had to be physically fit, enthusiastic and dynamic. Volunteers ranging in age between 18 and about 35 were trained in Rochefort before their departure. At the end of the training session, they acquired the maritime skills required for navigation and were ready to take their watch. 




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