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Write your name on the sail of the Hermione

The operation "Your name for the Hermione" allows you to write your name on a sail of the Hermione.


Principle: you pay 10€ and you leave your name who will be registered on the flag of the Hermione.


In a few days, you will be able directly to carry out the operation on our website. While waiting, you could download the joint document and return it to us by mail or e-mail.


Entry forms "Your name for the Hermione".


Thus, you contribute to the manufacture of sails and to the realization of the Hermione's trip to America.



News of the Construction

Démontage chapiteau 3

The preparations for the launch of the Hermione...

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rénovation forme de radoub 3

Preparations for the installation of the boat-lock

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accorage 1

Preparing the launch: the sequel ...

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gueuses fonte 2

L'installation du lest

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News of the Association

Ornements bouteilles peinture 1

The ornaments below the quarter galleries ...

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Installation of the engines

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Gréeurs 1

The manufacturing of the rigging ...

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Dévoilement lion 5

Unveiling of the figure head

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perçage flasques moteur

The flanges for the engine

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A large selection of items

You may now order direct on line.

Visit the Hermione gift shop. The profits of the sales are entirely allowed to the construction of the ship.
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